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  • 中考英语作文 北方地区连年干旱作文

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    中考英语作文 北方地区连年干旱作文


    In recent years, drought has prevailed in northern parts of our country. There is no or only little rain in spring and summer in the north and northeast of China. The same is true of snow in winter.

    Consequently, big cities such as Beijing and Tianjin are short of water every year, which affects the life of the urban people and the production of factories. And the drought is most felt by crops in rural areas, of course. It is said the drought has much to do with the green house effect and the greenhouse effect is caused by the pollution of the atmosphere. In the final analysis, it is brought about by ourselves.

    Faced with the terrible drought, we should stop polluting the air right away. We should try all means to decrease the amount of poisonous gases which our factories and cars give off. Besides, we should take measures to protect the forests and plant as many trees as possible.

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